Dear Applicant:

The purpose of this email is to inform you of changes related to the Border Patrol Agent position for which you have received a conditional offer of employment with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. You have already successfully completed the pre-employment requirements and are waiting to be contacted with a firm offer of location, reporting date and assignment to a Border Patrol Academy class.

During your training at the BP Academy, you will be expected to fully participate in a number of vigorous training activities. These activities will include: Arrest Techniques training, Defensive Tactics training, Collapsible Straight Baton training and daily physical conditioning. Physical conditioning is very intense, and includes Muscular Endurance Training, Mobility Training, Strength Training and runs of varying speeds and distances. These physical training activities will be conducted both indoors, in state of the art athletic facilities, and outdoors on fields, tracks and roadways. Often times, the training is conducted under hot and humid conditions.

In an effort to better prepare you to be successful in performing your duties, a second fitness test (PFT2) has been developed. You may be scheduled to take the PFT2 approximately 30 days prior to your entrance on duty. The PFT2 will take place at the Headquarters office of the Border Patrol Sector located closest to your current mailing address. You will be responsible for getting yourself to and from the PFT2. Any expenses incurred in doing that will be your responsibility.

The fitness test will consist of:

(1) 220 yard run - must be completed in 46 seconds or less (2) Sit-ups 25 proper form must be completed in one minute or less (3) Push ups 20 proper form must be completed in one minute or less (4) 1.5 mile run - must be completed in 15 minutes or less

If you do not successfully pass the PFT2, your conditional offer of employment will be withdrawn and you will not continue in the hiring process.

We urge you to take advantage of the time you have while waiting to be contacted to ensure that you get in shape and stay in shape - regardless of your current level of conditioning - so that you will be adequately prepared for the rigorous fitness program at the Academy.

You will be receiving more information on the PFT2 as it becomes available.

Thank you for your continued interest in employment with Customs and Border Protection.


Branch Chief, Pre-employment Clearance Services